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Education for Sustainable Development - Training Handbook

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This Handbook shares specific methods, tips, and examples of using the Whole School Approach to training local experts in Education for Sustainable Development

The Education for Sustainable Development Expert Network has created a brilliant Training of Trainers ESD Handbook

"Through Training of Trainers (ToT), we offer multipliers in the field of education, practice and competence oriented training for sustainable development. The training handbook was developed together with network members from every participating country and opens up a broad, global perspective of ESD for those undergoing training. Specific implementation of ToT takes place based on the respective national context.

The backbone of ToT is the Whole School Approach. The basis of this concept is an example of sustainable development with regards to the sustainable design of all spheres of life. In addition to the curricular implementation of ESD, it keeps an eye on the structural entrenchment of sustainable development in school management and everyday school life.

ToT should impart a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the topics of sustainable development on multipliers thus enabling them to train education experts of their own. In general, two theoretical units form the framework of a practice phase, during which participants should implement an ESD project at their institution or school."

(shared with permission by The Sustainability Atelier, a partner in the development of this handbook)

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