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Reimaginary Online: An overview of our tips, tools, methods, and resources!

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Along with everyone, all of us at Re-imaginary have been adapting to online working, teaching, and facilitation. We want to share what we've learned!

Welcome to Cyberspace...

The enemy of art is the absence of limitation ~ Orson Wells

2020 has been fully of limitations. We've all been experimenting (and failing.. and sometimes succeeding) with new ways of connecting and engaging online. How to stay feeling connected - to other humans and to the outside natural world while we stare into a little rectangular box? Below are some of the tips, resources, and methods that we've been playing with. Also, search our database for methods with the tag "online engagement" to find those that include tips and adaptations or are easy to use online. Good luck!

Top 10 Tips (a summary)

Tips for planning, convening, facilitating, and harvesting an event, meeting, or class (a bit more extensive) - will add soon

Some recommended tools (with comments and example tutorial videos)

Five methods specifically adapted for online use

Have a method or resource to share?

Contribute to our platform.


Other resources

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