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"Warm Data" offers a way to augment "Big Data" and other abstracted types of statistics. It asks: How is the system actually working?

Warm Data

The concept of Warm Data has been developed by Nora Bateson of the  Bateson Institute. She is the daughter of Gregory Bateson, the famed social scientist, semiotician, and cyberneticist who wrote Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972) and Mind and Nature (1979).

For me, the idea of Warm Data has a cozy, kitchen feeling to it. Data grounded in the interrelated realities of daily life - its "nest of relations intact" as Nora Bateson says. Watch her explanation video and learn more about trainings offered by the Warm Data Lab.

From the Warm Data Lab:

“Information that does not take into account the full scope of interrelationality in a system is likely to inspire misguided decision-making, which compounds already 'wicked' problems. Warm Data is not meant to replace or in any way diminish other data, but rather it is meant to keep data of certain sorts “warm” — with a nest of relations intact." — Nora Bateson
"How do we think our way through the messes we’re in when the way we think is part of the mess?" — Nora Bateson

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