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Poetry of Welcome

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Starting an event or activity by reading aloud a short topical poem can set the tone and establish an emphasis on creativity right from the start.


Poetry engages people’s creativity and capacity for non- linear thinking. Opening with a poem can signal that the event is something out of the ordinary and prepare people for a more experimental mindset.


  1. Get people’s attention and make sure that the room is quiet;
  2. Read or recite the poem.
Place on U
2-3 minutes
Materials Needed
  • Written copy of the poem to read from;
  • slide or poster with the text of the poem, so that participants can read along (optional).

Emotional Intelligence
Care & Empathy
Online Engagement
Metaphorical Thinking
Tip and Experiences
  • Practice reading the poem out loud a couple of times before the event;
  • You can use a bell, gong or recorded sound to capture attention and create atmosphere prior to the poem.
Relevant References & Resources

Poetry is used to inspire creativity in a variety of contexts. For example, see: 'Why Poets are Flocking to Silicon Valley'

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