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This exercise gives participants a chance to work as a group to aggregate results of creative work and express the essence of their ideas.


This method works particularly well for a fast-paced workshop with limited time for the ‘Acting’ phase. Participants are asked to come up with a catchy title that communicates the most important message of the creative works produced during the workshop. The title can also be considered from the other perspective explored throughout the day (e.g. more-than- human, other generations). A pithy summary that distills complex ideas and experiences into a short memorable phrase can anchor learning and make it easier to recall key insights at a later date. This exercise can be done individually or collectively.


  1. In turn, invite everyone to briefly share insights or key takeaways, and what they would like to convey to others outside the group;
  2. Write up keywords and phrases on a flip chart, checking in with contributors to make sure that they are capturing the essence of the conversation;
  3. Ask participants to come up with 3-5 options collectively;
  4. Finally, narrow it down to one title and make final adjustments. If needed, and if time allows, add a subtitle in 1-2 short explanatory sentences.

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5 - 15 minutes
Materials Needed

Flip chart; markers or pens.

Ideation & Brainstorming
Future Visioning
Cognitive Frames & Mental Models
Online Engagement
Tip and Experiences
  • Emphasize that is important to give space to all voices in the group. If no facilitator or host is present at the table, appoint one person to make sure that everyone has the chance to contribute;
  • It can be useful to designate a real or fictional audience;
  • Remind the group about the ‘Levels of Listening’.

Relevant References & Resources

Stewart (2014). Promoting and Managing Effective Collaborative Group Work.

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